Project leadership

for critical or failing projects

Question: What project management methodologies have the highest success rate?


That’s the whole list.

No methodology will navigate you through unfocused goals, scope creep, resource contention, unidentified NFR’s, competing, conflicting, simultaneous projects, impending deadlines, anemic budgets, underperforming teams… like experience can navigate.

Lots of people can do project management and track the tasks. It’s leadership that is so often missing.

Our leadership…

  • Creates a vision

  • Charts a path

  • Establishes authority

  • Grabs traction and builds momentum

  • Reports status with honesty, however painful it may be

  • Achieves victories along the way

  • Communicates widely and frequently with all levels of stakeholders and team members

  • Keeps a constant eye on the actual business goals

We specialize in leading complex projects and turning around projects that are in danger of failing.

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