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Get Deep Help in understanding what your system actually does, and when, and by whom. And how your system processes integrate with your operational processes.

  • What parts of this program are executing and when?

  • How does transaction type A differ from transaction type B?

  • What are the intrinsic business processes in the system?

  • What is the flow of activities in business processes?

  • How can we document business processes?

  • What is the sequence of events in the system for a given transaction?

  • …or a given entity, like orders, customers, etc?

  • Who is doing what to the system?

  • … and when does it happen relative to other activities?

  • How can we get our heads around what is actually in our database?

  • … and figure out how to cleanse and migrate are data?

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See your business processes and workflow in motion

While legacy RPG applications typically have no architecture defining business processes and workflows, through the use of strategically analyzed metadata it is possible to construct an understanding of them.

ParseVisualize program execution like you’ve never seen before.

Visualize program execution like you’ve never seen before.

We have developed tools that address these types of questions and many more. The tools are provided as open source to our clients and any qualified organizations with a suitable need.